Do you want to…

  • Improve employee teamwork and build team trust?
  • Enhance communications skills?
  • Sharpen problem solving and decision making skills?
  • Learn to handle change?
  • Get motivated?

Our philosophy

We believe that at the core of every successful organization are individuals who understand and trust each other. It is individuals and not systems that deliver genuine innovation and results. Our programs help the employee in the organization to enhance skill, attitude and knowledge. By growing these, productivity is bound to be improved.

Our Approach

The Tanari Trust Vibrant Teams experiential programs range from purely fun to carefully planned interventions which dovetail into progressive development in the organization. Our activities are sequenced in a creative manner that provides a non-threatening learning environment.

We pattern our activities to Kolb’s experiential learning cycle. Kolb’s experiential learning cycle is based on the assumption that we constantly test our assumptions in the world to see if they work in practice. Learning happens in multiple levels. At the very basic level they learn the outcome of achieving a task on the ground and processing their feelings, thoughts and reflections emerging from the activities. These reflections then form reference points for practical application at work and life in general.

Our inspiring activities test initiative, practical ability, leadership and team-working skills in a fun and competitive atmosphere

Packages offered:


Vibrant Teams

Addresses specific team needs in an organization by providing solutions through the renowned experiential learning method patterned to Kolb’s learning cycle. The program is tailored to suit the organizations or departments theme or objective(s).Progressive follow up is then done to ensure continuity in the learning process in a bid to inspire productivity.

Motivation and Fun

Ideal for company fun days, staff parties and retreats, Christmas parties and family fun days. Our programs will enable your group to have fun, get to know each other and to learn to work together better.

“You can learn more about a person in an hour’s worth of play than in a day of conversation”---(Plato)

Adventure Plus+

Guarantees greater self awareness while challenging participants to learn how to take risks. Team initiatives are interlaced with activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, mountaineering, hikes, expeditions, bike-a-thones etc.


Creatively integrates experiential learning element in other organizational critical areas of focus including Customer care, Organizational strategy development, Transition and Change management.