Reflection of young adult life


ROPES-ROYAL program offers an opportunity for high school leavers to engage in a journey of self-discovery through Lifeskills, self-assessment and job placement. Being a time of significant transition from high school to college/campus, their roles and responsibilities change irrevocably and often without the right guidance these transition can take a negative path. They will need to know how to tackle the changes and challenges that come with being a young adult, fresh out of high school. The participants are exposed to practical, experiential, challenging yet affirming experiences that will give them the right skill mix to become responsible adults in their journey through life. Through the life-changing 3months, the participants gain skills on Entrepreneurship, Personal branding, Project Planning, Service Learning and Apprenticeship. Through Service learning, the participants visit various communities and see the real needs therein. They then strategize and plan on how to meet the need physically and monetarily. Through the Apprenticeship placement opportunities sought out for them, participants gain great insights in the field they want to work in when they ‘grow up’. This experience prepares them to be responsible, employable, ethical, and hands-on young adults. THUS FAR... About 50 young adults have gone through ROYAL over the last 4 years. Our target is to reach 100 participants annually. 


When we began, we reached out to 6 young boys to take them through the Rites Of Passage-ROPES in the year 1997 at a bushy campsite in Sagana.


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