Rites of passage experience


ROPES® is a transition program that helps individuals who have just completed their 

Primary school education or its equivalent to transition from childhood to adulthood 

(through adolescence) within the community; be it Church, school or youth-based organization. 

The ROPES® candidates and Parents are primed with relevant lessons guided by a year-long curriculum 

i.e. the ROPES Manual, during the transition year. These lessons climax in a 6 day transition camp, aka

 ROPES® Camp after which a celebration (is held and the young adult reintegrated into the community

and re-integration of the young adult into the community ensues.

Thus far…

*Over 8,600 young adults have transitioned via ROPES since the year 2000.

*Approximately 1000 youth workers have been trained in the ROPES® Program to run the 

yearlong program (trained in THE ROPES program, space between ‘year’ and ‘long’)

 and empower youth in the various placements: schools or churches.

We anticipate to reach 15,000 graduates by year 2020

**ROPES-Transitions into Godly adulthood**


When we began, we reached out to 6 young boys to take them through the Rites Of Passage-ROPES in the year 1997 at a bushy campsite in Sagana.


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