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Welcome To
Tanari Trust

We empower the youth to become God fearing community transformers through creative and transformative programs. When we began, we reached out to 6 young boys to take them through the Rites Of Passage (ROPES) in the year 1997 at a bushy campsite in Sagana.

Our Programs

The transition to adulthood is a continuous process. At every stage in the transition process the youth are both excited and confused.

ROPES® (Rites Of Passage Experiences)​

ROPES® is a transition program that helps individuals who have just completed their Primary school education or its equivalent to transition from childhood to adulthood within the community.

ROYAL (Reflections of Young Adult Life)

ROYAL stands for Reflections of Young Adult Life. ROPES ®ROYAL offers an opportunity for high school leavers to engage in a journey of self-responsibility.

CPR ® (Creating Positive Relationships)

The CPR ® program, through powerful demonstrations, discovery exercises and stimulating discussions, empowers participants to make long term healthy choices.


Tanari’s Life skills program empowers participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for development of self, others and eventual transformation of our societies.