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During the year 2019 we managed to reach over 3,669 young people through our programs. Our team building and camping projects reached 1,444 people of different ages. We also manged to  train 554 youth workers of different institutions (churches, schools and organizations to run the programs.  


ROPES® – (Rites of Passage ExperienceS)

“It isn’t the changes that do you in, it is the transitions.” – William Bridges

Since time immemorial, societies worldwide have initiated their young with rituals into adulthood that have helped them appreciate and adopt their community’s values and traditions while embracing new privileges and responsibilities that come with maturity. It takes a village to raise a child. Through the involvement of all stakeholders key among them parents, young people in ROPES® are experientially trained to develop Character, Connections, Competence, Confidence, and Compassion. 

This is done within the context of the community. Affirmation, a sense of belonging and a challenge is part of the key features of the program that successfully launch them into the next stage of life. The Adolescent ROPES® program focuses on 13, 14-year-olds in churches, schools or youth-based organizations. During this transition year, a curriculum guides their learning sessions. This is the time they experience significant changes physiologically, psychologically and other societal adjustments as they transition into adolescent.


ROYAL (Reflections of Young Adult Life)

“It isn’t the changes that do you in, it is the transitions.” – William Bridges
ROYAL stands for Reflections of Young Adult Life. ROPES ®ROYAL offers an opportunity for high school leavers to engage in a journey of self-responsibility. ROYAL accelerates one’s self discovery process and empathy, effectively transitioning one from high school into college, career/vocation choice and adult responsibilities. Being a time of significant transition from high school to college, their roles and responsibilities are going to change irrevocably and they will need to know how to handle the changes.
Participants on this program will be exposed to practical, experiential, challenging yet affirming experiences that will give them the right skills mix to become responsible for their journey through life. Well programmed activities ensure that a high school leaver reflects and practically makes a real contribution to their community. This is done through:

  • Residential Adventure Camp
  • Identify purpose and Map your career
  • Learning to Balance the wheel of life
  • Service learning Project
  • Internship/Apprenticeship placement
  • Personal Branding
  • Life skills sessions
  • Financial Literacy
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    CPR ® (Creating Positive Relationships) Program

    Is it possible to form healthy peer relationships, save sexual contact and honor God with your body till marriage? YES!!

    Long term healthy choices. The CPR® program is a sexuality program designed to meet the needs of adolescents all through to college age students. The decisions made today about sexuality can indeed be” life-saving” ones! This course teaches that Sexuality is a special gift from God worth respecting and protecting and therefore, abstinence from sexual activity before marriage is not only beneficial, but also preferred for the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health of the individual. Consequences in each of these areas are discussed. This inspires us to train more passionate youth workers who in turn multiply the reach.



    Young people in our society today are faced with the task of growing up at a time when the prevailing culture tends to alienate them from meaningful community where, timeless values, ethics and vital life skills would be imparted. They are bombarded with a myriad of challenges in their growth and development including: negative messages and about social relationships by enticing and suggestive images in the media. Tanari’s Life skills program empowers participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for development of self, others and eventual transformation of our societies. Through the life skills program, they get to learn about Identity, drugs and substance abuse, mental health, peer pressure, stewardship and service skills, critical thinking and decision making skills, communication, leadership, relationships among other topics relevant to their stage of growth.