We all need a helping hand; young people more.

When we began, we reached out to 6 young boys to take them through the Rites of Passage ROPES in the year 1997 at a bushy campsite in Sagana. From 6, that number has kept growing to currently about 2000 young people; each year. At the time, we only had boys at camp now we run girls camp with the maxim to transition girls to young women and bequeath womanhood to them using the principles in Prov. 31.
Our girls’ camps have an average of 30 girls and are run by lady facilitators /mentors. From a few churches, we have grown to over 70 institutions (schools and churches) doing our programs. From one major program, we have grown to offer 5 programs all intended to prepare the young person and others around them to facilitate whole person maturity.

Tanari Trust’s works to empower youth through contemporary rites of passage and is well equipped in life skills programs and sexuality training, team and leadership development, adventure, camp, and experiential programming; all focused on youth. We have trained young people in a wide variety of community contexts including churches, children’s homes, schools, universities and uniformed forces, and have a proven record for transformational learning.

Tanari’s programs are designed for discovery learning through initiative activities, adventure, discussions, debate, and creative instructions. Our programs always involve the communities where the young people are a captive audience.


To empower youth to become God fearing community transformers through creative programming.


Empowered youth transforming their communities.

Overall Goal

A critical mass of youth multipliers committed to the transformation of their communities for Christ.

Core Values

Tanari embraces the following core values as a guiding philosophy in all its operations.

Christ Centered

We do all for Christ.

Community Focus

We live and work in community.


We respond to the needs of youth – and their parents.


We research. We learn


In all our programming, we disciple youth


Meet our team

Timothy Matheka

Executive Officer

Samuel Kirugumi

Camp Caretaker