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In order for Tanari to run its programs it highly depends on proceeds from running the programs and projects. At Tanari we appreciate any support that is accorded to us to run our programs. There are many ways in which you can Husika or get involved with Tanari Trust.


The Agenda of Adopt a ROPER is to support a needy participant going through the Tanari’s Rites of Passage Experiences (ROPES) Program. You can support in any of the ways stated in the posters below. Find out more about the ROPES program by clicking this link

Partner/ Engage

Partner with us by training your teachers, youth workers/ministers in any of our programs or volunteer with us if you are a young person seeking to add value to society by empowering the youth.  Contact us through the details on the posters below.


Kuza Logo

Kuza is a Swahili word which means “to be nurtured” or “to grow

Kuza’s mission is to Develop Digital Discipleship Materials for Youth with a vision to Create a Movement of Disciples Representing Christ.

Kuza desires to create content that is in an African context. Lots of content for youth and youth ministry come from the west, but they are not entirely relevant for local needs. Kuza desires to change that. They have a strong passion for seeing youth grow in their salvation not just on Sunday but through a daily relationship with Christ.

This is done by use of digital materials through blogs, podcasts, videos and an App

Kuza has partnered with us in giving content that can be useful for our different programs



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