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In order for Tanari to run its programs it highly depends on proceeds from running the programs and projects. At Tanari we appreciate any support that is accorded to us to run our programs. There are many ways in which you can Husika or get involved with Tanari Trust.

Are you a school, church or organization? Do you work together with youth? Would you like to see them empowered and equipped to live as responsibly and godly young men and women transforming the society?

At Tanari our goal is to see A critical mass of youth multipliers committed to the transformation of their communities for Christ. Some of the ways you can partner with us include:

  • Referring a school/ church/organization that can benefit from our programs.
  • Referring an organization that could benefit from our Team Building activities.
  • Calling Tanari to facilitate Team building and Camping for your organization/School/Church.
  • Calling Tanari to facilitate a program in your school/church/organization.
  • Calling Tanari to train your teachers, pastors or youth workers/minsters in the different programs.
  • At Tanari we are not donor funded but we appreciate any gifts given to us to help us in moving forward as an organization so as to empower youth more effectively.

    You can give in the following ways:

  • In Cash, Mpesa or Cheque to support our programs, our camping and teambuilding projects.
  • Donate equipment (wood, containers, Iron bars, Iron Sheets) for the development of Camp Malta and our new campsite Oltepesi.
  • Offering your professional services for the development of our campsite at no charge. (Lawyers, Surveyors, Architects, Auditors)
  • Offering professional services for the development of our programs at no charge. (Translators, Consultancy, IT Support)
  • Husika - Get Involved


    Kuza Logo

    Kuza is a Swahili word which means “to be nurtured” or “to grow

    Kuza’s mission is to Develop Digital Discipleship Materials for Youth with a vision to Create a Movement of Disciples Representing Christ.

    Kuza desires to create content that is in an African context. Lots of content for youth and youth ministry come from the west, but they are not entirely relevant for local needs. Kuza desires to change that. They have a strong passion for seeing youth grow in their salvation not just on Sunday but through a daily relationship with Christ.

    This is done by use of digital materials through blogs, podcasts, videos and an App

    Kuza has partnered with us in giving content that can be useful for our different programs

    Get Kuza App on Google Play

    Visit Kuza Website